Reza’s Restaurant Review

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picture of the outside of reza's restaurant in chicago

Reza’s Restaurant In Chicago is my favorite place to get Middle-Eastern Food.  The cuisine is Reza’s in Persian.  Reza’s restaurant has a buffet and a menu, and both options are excellent.

Reza’s restaurant is quite big, with 2 separate large rooms.  There are red tablecloths on the tables and red cloth napkins.  The walls feature unique original artwork.

The portions of the entrees from the menu are huge… really huge.  Most restaurants tend to have oversized portions, but Reza’s portions are truly large.  No matter how hungry I am, I can never eat more than half of the dinner portion, so I take the other half home with me for the next day’s dinner.  Sharing a portion for 2 people is also an option.

The food on the menu is pretty inexpensive.  For example, kabab combination plate (that is enough for 2 people) is $14.95.

The menu entrees come with the radish plate (fresh radishes, parsley and feta cheese), pita bread, grilled vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers and onions) and tomato-lentil soup.  Tomato-lentil soup is full of flavor – really tasty!  The entrees are served with a choice of white rice, dill rice or grilled potatoes.  My favorite is dill rice – it’s quite unique, nothing like any other rice I’ve tried.

I always order baba ganoush – that’s my favorite appetizer!

Here’s the photo of Reza’s baba ganoush:
baba ganoush in reza's restaurant

Here are the things that I tried at Reza’s and absolutely loved: baba ganoush, hummus, tauboulli, falafel, filet mignon beef kabob, ground beef kabob, chicken kabob, ground chicken kabob, vegetarian shami (falafel balls coated with pomegranate-walnut sauce) and stuffed grape leaves.

Here’s a photo of tomato-lentil soup that is included when you order an entree:
tomato lentil soup picture at reza's restaurant

Here’s the photo of the chicken combo – chicken breast kabob and ground chicken kabob, served with dill rice and grilled vegetables:
reza's chicken kabob combo with dill rice - food photo

Here’s the photo of the beef kabob combo – fillet mignon kabob and ground beef kefta kabob, served with dill rice and grilled vegetables:
reza's restaurant beef kabob combo with dill rice

Below is the picture of the vegetarian combo.  Reza’s offers you to choose 5 out of about 10 vegetarian options, and this vegetarian feast also comes with the choice of white rice, dill rice or grilled potatoes, plus the soup.  On this photo, the vegetarian dishes that were chosen are shami (felafel with the pomegranate sauce), tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves, baba ganoush and eggplant with feta cheese.

reza's vegetarian plate combo

For your drink, order the ice tea – it’s really good at Reza’s.  If you have room for dessert, go for the baklavah!

There are 2 Reza’s locations in Chicago: 5255 N. Clark St and 432 W. Ontario St.  There is also a Reza’s location in Oakbrook (West Chicago Suburb) and the address is 40 N Tower Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523.  I’ve been to all 3 Reza’s locations and the food is very similar.  In fact, I didn’t notice any difference in food quality, quantity or presentation.  All 3 Reza’s restaurant locations are equally good.

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