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Blood Tangerines

I got some tangerines that looked like any other tangerines on the outside. Nice, small, bright and so perfectly orange – here’s a picture of the tangerine in my hand: When I peeled it, the inside looked kind of shocking – totally not what I expected.  It was purplish-red! Turned out it was a “blood […]

Fried Catfish Nuggets Recipe

Catfish nuggets are small pieces of catfish that are sold in the seafood section in the supermarket.  Catfish nuggets have no bones in them, they are like filets cut into pieces.  Catfish nuggets are usually very cheap, but they are very tasty if cooked using this recipe.  Fried catfish nuggets make a very delicious and […]

Salmon Fishcakes Recipe Made With Canned Salmon

Salmon fishcakes look very impressive, and all ingredients for these salmon fishcakes recipe are found in the pantry!  I make fishcakes with both fresh and canned salmon.  This recipe is for salmon fishcakes with tin (canned) salmon.  If interested, you can also check out my recipe for salmon fishcakes using fresh salmon. Believe it or […]

Healthy Cole Slaw Recipe Without Mayo

Are you tired of the usual heavy mayonaise-laden cole slaw?   Want to make a cole slaw without mayo? I have good news for you – yummy cole slaw doesn’t have to be swimming in the fattening mayonnaise.  Here’s a very healthy version of the cole slaw without any mayo in it!  This healthy cole […]