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Nut-Free Charoset Recipe

Charoset is one of the foods on Jewish Passover Seder plate. Charoset is a symbol of the mortar that Jewish slaves used to build the pyramids in Egypt. Traditional version of the Charoset contains lots of nuts, which is a problem for those who are allergic to nuts. This version of the Charoset is completely […]

Reza’s Restaurant Review

Reza’s Restaurant In Chicago is my favorite place to get Middle-Eastern Food.  The cuisine is Reza’s in Persian.  Reza’s restaurant has a buffet and a menu, and both options are excellent. Reza’s restaurant is quite big, with 2 separate large rooms.  There are red tablecloths on the tables and red cloth napkins.  The walls feature […]

Steamed Asparagus Recipe

Steamed asparagus makes a very elegant appetizer or side dish. It’s super healthy, bright green and so delicious! To steam the asparagus, you need a pot fitted with a steamer basket.  Put an inch of water in the pot and bring to a boil.  Meanwhile, wash the asparagus and cut off the bottom inch of […]

Turkey And Cheese Panini Sandwich Recipe

Panini press transforms an ordinary boring sandwich into a warm, grilled and crispy creation!  Grill marks on the outside and warm turkey and melted gooey cheese on the inside – yum yum! If you don’t own a panini press, you can get one for $20-$40 bucks.  It’s so worth it – with panini press, you’ll […]

Blood Tangerines

I got some tangerines that looked like any other tangerines on the outside. Nice, small, bright and so perfectly orange – here’s a picture of the tangerine in my hand: When I peeled it, the inside looked kind of shocking – totally not what I expected.  It was purplish-red! Turned out it was a “blood […]