Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad Kit From Costco

costco sweet kale salad package

I picked up this sweet kale salad kit in Costco and it’s so good!  Forget the boring old lettuce – this salad has so many unique and nutritious greens! The Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad Kit includes broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, chicory, dried cranberries, roasted pumpkin seeds and poppyseed dressing.

Here’s the information for the package: “Freshen up your plate with a restaurant-inspired vegetable salad.  The Sweet Kale Salad is a great tasting blend of seven superfoods.  The robust combination of freshly chopped vegetables, flavorful add-in ingredients and a perfectly paired dressing make this salad a convenient way to Eat Smart”.

This kale salad contains 7 superfoods in one convenient meal.  A serving of this yummy salad has 25% daily value of Vitamin A, 6% of Calcium, 70% Vitamin C and 6% of Iron.  So much nutrition in one package – and the best thing is that you don’t need to do any chopping!  Can you imagine how much work it would be to buy all those vegetables and greens, wash them and chop them?  And now all you have to do is to open the package, put the salad in a bowl and mix.

The sweet poppyseed dressing goes perfectly with the green vegetables.  If you think you don’t like stuff like kale, broccoli and brussel sprouts, give them a try in this salad!  Everything is shredded into small easy-to-eat pieces, and the dressing makes it so tasty, you’ll want to eat more and more.

Here’s the picture of the dressing and the packet with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries that’s inside this salad kit:

kale salad dressing packet

And here’s the picture of this sweet kale salad prepared and ready to be eaten:

kale salad in a bowl


  • Adam Young

    I eat this stuff almost daily, though I opt for using balsamic vinegar instead of the dressing to improve the healthiness factor and often add extra kale, raisins, avocado, almonds, and chicken to the mix. Unfortunately I don’t think this mix is organic, but it’s certainly convenient, cheap, and better than iceberg!

  • Kathy Edwards

    I was so surprised my husband found this amazing tasting SuperFoods Salad Kit at Costco.
    I was eating it every day to eat healthy and lose weight. For me this crunchy salad is way more satisfying
    than any traditional lettuce salad. The problem was when we returned to Costco recently to
    purchase more, we couldn’t find it. A worker said it may have been a seasonal item for the holidays.
    I certainly hope not. I just found your web site as I am trying to track this salad down as the Eat Smart
    Brand website seemed to only sell this salad kit at Costco. I agree with everything you said in your article!
    Very delicious and so good for us! Hoping I find it again soon!

  • tori

    I found it at Publix yesterday, love it!

  • Mairi

    I found this again at Costco next week – hopefully they continue to carry it as I’m addicted. Its great with some prawns or shrimp and a spicey thai dressing instead of the included dressing.

  • Erika

    I bought this at my Costco too & LOVED it!! Was telling all my friends about it! Hoping it will be there next time I go. i found your website as I bought some chopped kale from trader joes & was going to try & replicate Costco’s recipe!

  • KM

    This is absolutely the BEST healthy salad! Even my 12 yo and 6 yo eat it and love it!
    Went to Costco yesterday, and it’s GONE! :(
    Thinking I may have to make my own since it’s not sold anywhere within 100 miles of me according to their website.

  • joyce busch

    Sweet Kale packed salad is wonderful. Me and mine are looking for it again, not there, gotta have it! Where can we get it in Las Vegas NV

  • Gail Greb

    I got this salad mix at the Kailua Kona, Hawaii Costco, I can’t find it in Orlando at my Winter Park store! Please, I would love to get it. Please, tell me how!

  • Melissa

    When I don’t feel like fighting the crowds at Costco, my local smart and final carries it too.

  • Nicole

    This salad is great, filled with good greens, and for a good price. This salad is quite healthy if you do not use the dressing that comes with it. Its is a soy-based (GMO’ed) dressing with other not good for us ingredients and basically negates all the good of the actual salad greens.

  • Tammy

    Does anyone have a healthy sugar free copy cat version of the dressing? This dressing contains soy bean oil and sugar.

  • Tawny

    I purchase this salad mix at my costco as well as my local smart & final stores. Im diabetic and simply do not use the dressing and use one allowed in my diet plan. Great value!!

  • catherine

    I love it too! And Miss Publix stores terribly over here in Raleigh!!

  • annah

    Try the mix steamed with the a touch of the dressing and a sprinkle of the accents – great side dish.

  • Catherine


    I’ve heard from an American friend of mine (I am Canadian) that this salad is amazing! I wonder if it is sold in the Canadian Costcos ??

  • Dani

    Catherine. I had it for Dinner tonight. Costco In Canada!!!

  • Jane Bartell

    Great, tasty although a tad on the costly side. VERY easy to put together your self. I made some today for $5.25 and have four times the amount in the prepackaged brand. Remember as good as the dressing tastes, the craisins are full of sugar. The dressing is easy as well and it makes about a cup and a half.

  • Patti

    Had lunch at a friend’s today and she had picked up some kale salad as I had commented on how delicious it is. Well, there were no brussels sprouts or broccoli in it. I checked a bag I had just bought when I got home….same thing….no b. sprouts or broccoli just lots of kale and cabbage!!

  • brenda brendakoch

    i love this salad and serve it with a piece of blackened salmon on top it is wonderful

  • I eat this for breakfast, it’s so good!

  • Linda

    I am seriously in love with this veggie “salad” mix, I like mine w spicy ranch, southwestern chicken chunks and the crunchy Mexican style salad toppers. For Gailin Orlando, Publix and Costco both carry this product.

  • Nikki

    This salad is the best by far!! So delicious the best salad I’ve ever had!!

  • T. Donaldson

    Other than Costco, where can I buy the sweet kale salad. I love it, but the Costco in Kingston, Ontario just stopped carrying it……please help me! We are going into sweet kale withdrawal!!!

  • Jim Stewart

    We love this sweet kale salad but have just returned from Costco this morning trying to buy more salad. Costco has permanently pulled this product off of all of their stores shelves. We asked why but no direct answer given. It appears to be a health issue.

  • Beverly

    I tried buying the Kale saled today like I do every other day at Costco I was told they pulled it from the shelves because there are problems with production. Apparently something got into the salad (not edible) and they pulled all the salads. They do not know if and when it is coming back. I am now looking for the same recipe so I can make it myself.

  • Sharon Graham

    all this company needs to do is add another pack of dressing awsome

  • Marilyn S

    They’ve discontinued the Kale salad at my Costco.
    Does anyone have a recipe for this salad….my family loves it!!!!

  • Ronald Samuel

    The biggest problem is inconsistency of its availability at Costco. Whenever I see it I have to buy several bags since there is no telling when they’ll have it again. Right now they are out of it ad have been for several weeks. And since they are not restocking the frozen vegetable section, the future is looking bleak.

  • Sonya

    A few of you wrote that was no broccoli in the mix. There is broccoli STEMS in the salad, but will not find any broccoli florets in the mix.

  • MD

    Broccoli stems have more nutrition than florets. I also add my own broccoli sprouts to kick up the nutrition 50X!

    Have been instagramming too many different versions of this salad this week :)

  • Dana

    I love this salad… Does anyone know if I can make a soup out of it?

  • Alison

    Do you know if you can still use un opened dressing packet that has been kept out of the fridge?

  • Hi Alison,

    I wouldn’t use the dressing if it was left out of the fridge for more than 5 hours.


  • Sheila

    Melanie, I’m trying to find the calorie info for the separate items in the kit.
    the greens
    the seeds and craisins
    the dressing
    Any ideas where I could find that?

  • Janet

    I absolutely love this salad and the sweet poppyseed dressing is amazing. My husband eats the salad and I had him try it with the dressing and he loved, loved, loved it. My daughter who barely eats salad tried the dressing with another salad that I had made and she absolutely loved it. Where can I buy that salad dressing? Not enough comes in the packaging

  • Mel

    I’ve been hooked on this salad for months… originally found at Costco in Canada, now finding it at Superstore!!! Ka-ching!!

    As an FYI…in an effort to be savvy, I put a package in the freezer thinking it wasn’t like normal salad and was crunch, so maybe it would thaw nicely… WRONG. Big bag of mush – don’t do it!

  • Shelly

    I’m eating this for lunch right now. It is soooooo delicious! Seriously good. My only advice would be to go light on the dressing. It’s a bit sweet & goes a long ways. They give you two packets of dressing, and I always end up using just one. They are very generous with the pumpkin seeds & cranberries too. I’m not a big fan of cranberries, but they go perfectly with the bitterness of the kale. I think I only paid $3.99 to boot. A great deal for sure. I will probably be stopping by Costco on my way home to get another bag…it’s THAT good.

  • Shelly

    Also, after reading the comments about it being discontinued I wanted to add that today is 03/19 my local Costco in WA State has it in stock. The last three times I purchased it, it had 2 packets of dressing, not one, so they must have heard everyone’s complaints.

  • Stephanie P

    It’s 4/1, and this message is for Gail Greb. Publixs located in Winter Park, Florida, carry this salad.

  • I grow my own Kale & more in my Tower Gardens! So much easier to walk out my back door & harvest what I need! No kneeling! No soil! Less space & water!

  • Beth

    I buy washed organic kale, broccoli slaw, & raw brussel sprouts at Kroger. I cut the kale a bit more finely, throw in the slaw and slice the brussel sprouts about1/8″ wide and add those. I add whatever amount moves me. Costco sells a snack in a square clear plastic ~ 1 qt. container from Seapoint Farms Energy Blend(edamame, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries) that I use to top it. I make dressing from yogurt, low fat mayo, non-fat cottage cheese (whatever I have low cal), add poppy seeds, a squirt of honey, bit of vinegar or lemon, and dilute with water until it is consistency I want. Although the greens cost more than the Costco sweet kale salad (which I love), it also makes a ton- which I can eat by myself in a few days. Or you can just make what you want and turn the rest into veggie sides.

  • Gwen

    I’ve also made a hot salad with this salad mix — it’s sturdy and can take the heat. I caramelized some Vidalia onions, as I love their sweetness, and tossed in the leftover salad mix for a few minutes, just to heat it through and “soften” it a bit. I added some balsamic vinegar to the dab of olive oil I used to stir fry, mixed in a bit of brown rice and Cannellini beans (that’s what I had on hand), and it was great. You can do a lot of things with this mix.

  • Julie

    I purchased this earlier this week (today is Easter 2014) at the Costco in east Hanover, nj but the brand is called Taylor farms here. Great with blue cheese dressing, haven’t been using the dressing that comes with it.

  • Lala

    You can also get it at Longo bros grocery store

  • Laurie

    Any chance you provide the recipe for the poppy seed dressing that comes with the Sweet Kale Salad mix?


  • Sheila

    My local costco carries it, then stopped, and is carrying it again. When they stopped for a while, I made my own, super easy and made way more than in that bag. Plus it’s fresher and you can try it with other dressings, nuts instead of cranberries… And you can cook it for a side dish. Versatile and yummy!

  • sylvia vogel

    I’m very impressed with this salad mix. It can be easily divided – one salad now and one at a later time – because it contains veggies that don’t “wilt” and the dressing is divided into two packets. The cranberry/nuts package can likewise be divided. Speaking of cranberries, the ones in this package are plump and luscious!

  • Sonya

    That salad is one of the best salads that I’ve ever had. I ate 3 servings. I have the ingredient list. And some additional ideas gathered from others. I’m planning on making it on a regular basis. I need/want to loose weight.

  • Diane

    Would love to receive an email anytime you post a new recipe.. Had great fun looking through your recipes today. Thank you for sharing. Diane

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