las palmas mexican restaurant in highland park - outside sign

Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant Review (Highland Park IL, Chicago Suburbs)

las palmas mexican restaurant in highland park - outside sign

Las Palmas is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Chicago Suburbs.  Las Palmas has 8 locations in Chicago suburbs and I’ve tried 3 of them.  So far my favorite location of Las Palmas is the one in Highland Park.  They have the best ceviche!

inside decor of las palmas restaurant in Highland Park

The interior of Las Palmas restaurant in Highland Park is painted and decorated in very bright Mexico-inspired colors.  Dimmed lights combined with unique bright decor create a very nice mood.  It feels cozy and intimate, yet family-friendly.

The meal starts with the complimentary chips and salsa.  The standard salsa at Las Palmas is pretty spicy and very flavorful, with the taste of chilies and cilantro.  If there are kids at the table, the waiter also brings the mild salsa in addition to the spicy one.

chips and salsa at Las Palmas

Below is the picture of Las Palmas ceviche.  I love their ceviche and always order it there.  Las Palmas ceviche tastes just like the ceviche that I had in Mexico!  It tastes so light, so refreshing – seafood marinated in lime.

The ceviche is huge – it’s enough for 2 people to share as an appetizer.

ceviche at las palmas

Here’s the picture of the ceviche as I took it from the glass and put it on a plate:

Las Palmas restaurant ceviche

Here’s the picture of guacamole at Las Palmas – the picture is dark, but be assured that the guacamole is very tasty 🙂 It comes served on a huge crispy chip!

guacamole at las palmas restaurant

Here’s the picture of the vegetarian combination plate – cheese quesadilla, tostada and enchilada, served with refried beans and Spanish rice.  I always have leftovers to take home!

combination plate at las palmas restaurant

And here’s Banana Enchiladas Con Mole – enchiladas with fried bananas and mole sauce!  This description sounds weird, but the banana enchiladas are delicious!  Fried bananas, gooeye melted cheese and chocolate mole sauce create a very unique, deep and complex flavor.

bananas enchiladas con mole

Las Palmas at Highland Park is located Downtown Highland Park at 474 Central Ave.
Highland Park, IL 60035.  Las Palmas phone number is (847) 432-7770.

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  1. Ellie@fitforthesoul
    Ellie@fitforthesoul says:

    Mmmmmm good Ceviche is just so…good! haha, and rare. The best ceviche I’ve ever tried is from a Peruvian restaurant. All of my friends and I were simply in awe. And thank you for visiting my blog! 😀 Nice to meet you Melanie

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    This looks absolutely delicious! I love when you can find a good restaurant that makes the cut and becomes a “go-to” restaurant! Thanks for the pictures and review!


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