seeds of change quinoa and brown rice

Instant Quinoa And Brown Rice Mix By Seeds Of Change

seeds of change quinoa and brown rice

When I was shopping at Costco, I picked up this great instant side dish: organic quinoa and brown rice mix.  The brand of this product is Seeds Of Change, and the quinoa and brown rice is already pre-cooked – all you need to do is to microwave the package, and this yummy food is ready!

Both quinoa and brown rice are very healthy grains.  This instant product makes a healthy side dish less than 2 minutes away 🙂  The Costco package includes 6 of those packets, so I just keep them in a pantry.  Each packet is 8.5 oz, and it’s enough to make a side dish for 2 people.  When I have this quinoa and brown rice mix in my pantry, I always know in the back of my mind that I have this healthy food option for those busy times.

This organic quinoa and brown rice mix is full of flavor – it really doesn’t taste like a typical “health food”.  It’s flavor is smooth and substantial – this quinoa mix is very filling.  The quinoa and brown rice are well-rounded with a little oil, onion, garlic and a blend of spices.

Here’s the nutritional information for the Organic Quinoa & Brown Rice With Garlic by Seeds Of Change: serving size 1 cup, 240 calories, 3.5 g fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, zero tras fat, zero cholesterol, 400 mg sodium, 210 mg potassium, 47 g total carbohydrate, 3 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 6 g protein, 2% calcium, 10% thiamin, 8% iron, 20% niacin, 15% folate.  This mix has 100% whole grain, it’s all natural, vegetarian, has no preservatives and no artificial colors and flavors.  Packaged food without chemicals is quite a find!

Here are the ingredients in this Quinoa & Brown Rice mix: water, whole grain brown rice, whole grain quinoa, sunflower oil, sea salt, garlic powder, tapioca starch, onion powder, soy lecithin, dried garlic, parsley, spice.  All the ingredients are certified organic.

To prepare this instant quinoa and brown rice mix in a microwave, all you need to do is squeeze the packet to separate the grains, cut off the package corner and microwave on High for 90 seconds.  That’s all there is to it 🙂

Here’s the picture of the Costco package of this instant quinoa and brown rice mix:

costco quinoa rice mix

And here’s the picture of this tasty quinoa mix after it’s been heated in a microwave and ready to eat:

quinoa brown rice

Tasty, easy and healthy – that’s what makes this instant quinoa & brown rice a winner!

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4 replies
  1. JO Vaughn
    JO Vaughn says:

    Thomas- My go to, fast recipe is:
    1 bag of Seeds of Change
    1 large Can of white breast chicken (Costco has an 8pk)
    1 bag of steamed veggies (your choice)

    Literally heat veggies in microwave, and then toss those in a bowl, start rice in microwave, and while it is cooking, drain and rinse chicken, shread it into veggies.
    When rice is finished, add to chicken veggie mix, stir and done.

    I do often add extra spices, greek seasoning, sometimes taco seasoning, black pepper and extra garlic powder….
    Makes 4 servings, we take this for lunch OFTEN!!

  2. Sande Eden
    Sande Eden says:

    My go-to is I bag microwaved, stir in 1/2 chopped avocado, 2 chopped roma tomatoes and a little Himalayan pink sea salt….absolutely delicious!

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    My family loves this. I sauté some onion, red, yellow and/or orange peppers with additional garlic. I add this mixture along with rotisserie chicken. Fabulous! Costco sometimes sells rotisserie chicken in a 2 lb bag already cut up!! I divide it at home and freeze. Super easy to make this dish.


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