chicken kefta cabob meal ideas

Dinner Ideas: Ground Chicken Kabobs Meal

chicken kefta cabob meal ideas

Here’s a great dinner idea for you: ground chicken kefta kabobs served with hashbrowns, tzatziki sauce and green salad sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

Ground Chicken Kefta Kabobs

chicken kefta cabob in a baking dish

Ground chicken is mixed with onions and seasonings, shaped into sausages, then broiled in the oven. Check out this easy ground chicken kefta kabobs recipe.

Tzatziki Sauce

a jar of tzatziki sauce dip

Tzatziki is a cucumber-yogurt sauce that goes perfectly with chicken kabobs.  I dip the chicken into tzatziki, and it’s a joy to eat!  I used the prepared tzatziki sauce – Hannah tzatziki sauce from Costco.


costco dehydrated dried hashbrowns in a frying pan

Even though hashbrowns is not a typical side dish for kabobs, I just felt like having some hashbrowns, and they were really tasty!  I used convenience dried hashbrowns from Costco.

Green Salad With Parmesan

salad with lettuce tomato and shredded parmesan cheese

This simple green salad is wonderful!  Lettuce and tomatoes are tossed with oil and vinegar and sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese – here’s the recipe for green salad with Parmesan cheese.

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