wildfire turkey burger

Dinner At Wildfire Restaurant – Glenview, Chicago suburbs

Wildfire is a great American restaurant that we really like.  We eat at Wildfire restaurant very often, and here are some pictures from our dinner at Wildfire.

Here’s Wildfire house salad – the “small” chopped salad serves 2 to 3 people and comes in a huge salad bowl.  On my photo, the Wildfire chopped salad is already transferred to an individual plate and served with a thousand island dressing.

wildfire house salad

Here’s Wildfire turkey cheeseburger – it has white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard and lots of grilled onions!  Served with cole slaw and french fries.

wildfire turkey burger

Here’s Wildfire cheese pizza from the kids menu.  Like all kids menu items from Wildfire, it is served with apple sauce.

wildfire cheese pizza kids menu

Wildfire kids menu has ribs!  Here’s the kid sized portion of the BBQ ribs, served with french fries and apple sauce:

wildfire ribs kids menu

Here’s the macaroni and cheese from Wildfire kids menu:

wildfire mac n cheese from kids menu

And here’s a bowl of French onion soup.  Wildfire has outstanding French onion soup.  It’s so flavorful and filling – a bowl of this French onion soup will fill you up as a complete dinner!  For just $6.95 for a bowl, it’s the perfect budget dinner option 🙂

Wildfire French onion soup

For more information and more pictures of Wildfire restaurant food, see my review of Wildfire restaurant.

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