chungkiwa korean restaurant sign

ChungKiWa Korean BBQ Restaurant Review – Korean Food In Chicago, Mt Prospect

chungkiwa korean restaurant sign

ChungKiWa is my favorite Korean restaurant in Chicago area.  ChungKiWa is located in the Northwest suburb of Mount Prospect.  This Korean BBQ restaurant is inside the strip mall, but don’t be fooled by its plain exterior – that place is amazing!  I’ve tried many Korean restaurants, and ChungKiWa has the best authentic Korean food and amazing service!

Here’s the picture of the ChungKiWa interior – it’s very clean and modern:

chungkiwa korean restaurant interior, mounth prospect il

ChungKiWa has a large assortment of authentic Korean BBQ dishes, Korean Hot Pot Casseroles, noodle dishes and other traditional Korean foods.   The prices range from $9 for noodle dishes to $18 for Korean BBQ – and you get a lot of food for the money!

What I really love about Korean restaurants are the assortment of complimentary side dishes/appetizers.  Here are the side dishes that we got a ChungKiWa:

korean restaurant side dishes appetizers

One of the side dishes is spicy kimchi.  Other side dishes tend to change every time we come, but kimchi is always there!  Here’s the closeup picture of kimchi:

korean kimchi picture

The next Korean side dish are the braised potatoes:

korean side dish potatoes

Another Korean side dish is the spicy tofu:

korean side dishes spicy tofu

This Korean side dish is the cucumbers:

korean side dish cucumbers

Another Korean side dish are the spicy green beans:

korean side dish spicy green beans

And the last Korean side dish was the daikon radish salad:

korean side dish daikon radish

Our meal also came with the complimentary beef soup:

korean beef soup

And I also ordered a very unusual Korean tea:

korean tea

Here is the picture of the most popular Korean main dish – bi bi bop:

picture of bibimbop

Bi bim bop is a very tasty dish that consists of assorted vegetables (this time spicy carrot, dried seaweed, bean sprouts and zuchini), sliced beef and fried egg on top of a bowl of rice, served with the spicy sauce.  When the bi bim bop is brought to the table, it is not mixed – it looks like the picture above, with all ingredients separate.

Bi bim bop is mixed right before eating, and you can add the spicy sauce to taste.  Here’s the picture of the mixed bi bim bop:

bibimbop mixed

Here’s the picture of another delicious main dish – squid bokum (squid is a spicy sauce):

spicy korean squid bokum

At the end of our meal we got complimentary slices of delicious Korean cheesecake – what a perfect way to finish off this feast!

korean cheesecake

Here’s the closeup of Korean cheesecake after the wrapper was taken off:

korean cheesecake slice

If you want to experience authentic Korean food in Chicago area, ChungKiWa is a perfect place to go.  ChugKiWa restaurant is located at 1658 W Algonquin Rd  Mt Prospect, IL 60056, phone # 847-806-1633.  You just can’t go wrong with this restaurant – I recommend it very highly!

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