Deka restaurant in Wheeling

Deka Restaurant Review (Wheeling, IL – Chicago Northwest Suburbs)

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Deka is an exciting new restaurant in Wheeling (a Northwest Suburb of Chicago). Deka is a brasserie, serving French-American fusion cuisine with a Russian influence. The food there is outstanding! Beautifully presented dishes that are full of flavor and using the freshest ingredients – that’s food in its finest!

Deka Restaurant Wheeling

Deka has white tablecloths, sparkling glasses and the full set of 5 serving utensils, but the place doesn’t feels stuffy by any means.  The atmosphere in Deka feels upscale, yet relaxed, it’s the place to come for a nice outing and enjoy the tasty, beautifully presented food.

The meal in Deka starts with a bread basket of delicious rustic bread and butter.

DEKA restaurant Wheeling - bread

The water comes in a beautiful tall bottle that makes even the tap water look good :)

Deka restaurant water

This appetizer is called Napoleon Bruschetta, and it consists of the layers of burrata cheese, sliced tomato, onions, balsamic vinegar and pesto on a toasted crostini – amazing!  This appetizer is like a work of art, and it tastes so delicious!  And if you think it looks expensive, you are going to love the price – just $8 :)

Deka restaurant appetizer bruschetta

Now, can you guess what the next beautiful appetizer is?  Hint: it’s NOT mushrooms :)

Escargot appetizer in Deka restaurant Wheeling

The photo above is the roasted helix escargot appetizer – escargot roasted in elephant garlic and herbs, served on a flakey bouchee pastry.  Wonder what exactly is escargot?  Escargot is the cooked snails :)  Deka also has frog legs!

I’m an adventurous eater and love this kind of stuff! Escargot taste similar to cooked clams.  If you are not into escargot and frog legs, Deka has plenty of regular food, just like the bruschetta appetizer I showed earlier :)

Deka has a huge selection of alcoholic drinks, and their bar has 50 vodka flavors!   I skipped the alcohol and got a hot tea that was served in a beautiful white porcelain teapot.


Deka restaurant tea

This Deka scallop dish is fantastic!  Scallops topped with the pineapple relish, leeks and herbs are mouthwatering!

Scallops at Deka restaurant

Here’s Duck confit tanga with pineapple pico de gallo and cactus rice – shredded duck on the tortillas with amazing toppings – love it!

Duck confit tanga at Deka restaurant

Here’s the whole cooked fish served with mashed potatoes AND fries – this fish was super tender and succulent!  And they have plenty of fish options that are regular fish fillet if the whole fish is not your thing!

Whole fish with mashed potatoes at Deka

And here’s the fillet mignon steak, grilled and topped with a wild mushroom ragout.  That wild mushroom sauce is amazing, goes so well with the steak!  The steak was tender, juicy and absolutely perfect!

Steak at Deka restaurant

Deka desserts are simply works of art.  They look beautiful, and taste so amazing!

Here’s the photo of the caramel cheesecake:

Cheesecake at Deka restaurant Wheeling (Chicago Northwest Suburbs)

And this is the chocolate toffee cake, topped with gelato:

Deka dessert - chocolate toffee cake

For the food of this caliber, prices at Deka are surprisingly reasonable, with most entrees in the $16-$30 range.  If you like beautifully prepared and delicious food from quality fresh ingredients, you should give Deka a try.  They often have promotions, so check for those coupons before you go :)  Deka is located at 401 E. Dundee Rd in Wheeling (at the intersection of Dundee & Milwaukee), and their phone number is 847-520-3352. They also have live music some Friday and Saturday nights, and the patio dining when the weather is warm.  Deka is a perfect place for a date night!

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