costco canned pink salmon

Canned Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon From Costco

costco canned pink salmon

Costco sells excellent canned salmon – Bear & Wolf Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon.  This canned salmon is a high quality wild salmon that naturally contains 325mg of Omega-3s per serving.  In addition to being nutritious, this Bear & Wolf wild canned salmon also tastes great – it’s the best tasting canned salmon I’ve ever tried.

Costco sells this Bear & Wolf canned pink salmon in a package of 6 cans (6 ounces each).  Here’s the nutritional information for this canned wild salmon: serving size 2 oz (drained), 60 calories, 1 g fat, zero saturated fat, zero trans fat, 20 mg cholesterol, 220 mg sodium, zero carbohydrates, 13 g protein, 4% calcium.  As you can see, canned salmon is a perfect diet food – it’s low in calories and fat, has no carbs and is packed with protein, and all this this protein really makes you full!

Another great thing about Bear & Wolf canned pink wild salmon from Costco is that it doesn’t have any added preservatives or chemicals – the only ingredients on the ingredient list are Alaskan Pink Salmon and salt!

There are many ways to eat canned wild pink salmon – you can eat it as a main dish with mashed potatoes or rice, add it on top of the green salad or make canned salmon shepherd’s pie.  My favorite recipe using canned pink salmon is canned salmon fishcakes recipe – those salmon fishcakes are so delicious!

Here’s the picture of the Costco package of Bear & Wolf premium canned wild Alaskan pink salmon – it’s 6 cans of salmon inside that plastic wrapping:

costco canned pink wild alascan salmon package

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15 replies
  1. Anne
    Anne says:

    The Costco in Rockland County, NY no longer carries Bear and Wolf Pink Salmon. I love this stuff! It also does not contain soy, which I am unable to eat.
    Any ideas where I may find Bear and Wolf pink salmon?


  2. Ginny Hoel
    Ginny Hoel says:

    I love this salmon also, and I just found out the Costco in Oakbrook,IL (near Chicago,IL) no longer carries Bear and Wolf. Where can I find some?

  3. Marlene Thompson
    Marlene Thompson says:

    I cannot find Bear and Wolf canned salmon at my Costco store in Tigard, OR. Where can I find this great product in the Portland, Oregon area, or thereabouts

  4. Edna Pearl
    Edna Pearl says:

    Add me to the list of disappointed Costco shoppers who cannot find Bear and Wolf Pink Salmon. I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and I can no longer find it at our local Costco stores either. No one there can tell me if or when they will get this product again.

  5. Diane
    Diane says:

    Yup, Costco has switched to farmed raised pink salmon from Chile. Yuck. Placing my order on Amazon today, more expensive than costco sold it for but at least it was not swimming in a poo pool all day. My Costco has also stopped selling the Kirkland brand canned sockeye (red).

  6. J May
    J May says:

    Just bought the canned Kirkland Salmon. It’s several large cubes of neon orange something. What a disappointment compared to Bear and Wolf. I thought when Costco replaces a brand with their own, it improves in quality. I eat salmon right out of the can, but couldn’t even get the first bite down…yuck.

  7. Jason
    Jason says:

    I just bought the Bear and Wolf Pink Salmon at my Costco in Waltham, MA (May 2014). So perhaps this is a seasonal item?

    Anyway, keep looking – perhaps it will return to your local Costco!

  8. Lorna
    Lorna says:

    metro Detroit Costcos have some of the Bear & Wolf now, but on the shelf next to it was Kirkland brand for the same price. I compared labels. Exact same info, including the supplier name and address. Almost certainly it is the same Bear & Wolk, just re-branded for Costco.

    • Diane
      Diane says:

      Trident has acquired Bear and Wolf. The company says it is the exact same product but with the Kirkland/Trident label. They may say it’s the same but it does not taste the same in my opinion.


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