baronhall estates jamaican gourmet coffee

Baronhall Estate Jamaican Gourmet Coffee

baronhall estates jamaican gourmet coffee

My parents brought me this Baronhall Estate Jamaica Gourmet Coffee from their vacation in Jamaica.  Their all-inclusive resort Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica in Montego Bay had lots of complimentary packets in their room.  I love trying new flavors of coffee, especially exotic coffees, so I was really excited to try out Baronhall Estate coffee 🙂

I’ve had outstanding Jamaican coffee before called Jamaica High Mountain Coffee, so I was definitely looking forward to trying another coffee from Jamaica.  Since Baronhall Estate coffee was already ground, I kept my expectations down (as I think whole-bean coffee that’s freshly ground by me right before brewing tastes best).  However, this Baronhall Estate Jamaican coffee exceeded by expectations!  It tasted very fresh, bold and strong and I really enjoyed each and every sip.

Here’s the description from the package of this tasty coffee: “Experience the full-bodied taste of Baronhall Estate Coffee, produced on the single largest coffee farm in Jamaica.  Located near Cave Valley in St. Ann, the estate, with its own 10 acre natural lake.  Today, the estate is owned by the Minott family, and its ocffee is packaged exclusively by the family owned Jamaica Standard Products Co., Ltd., the oldest and most reputable coffee-roasting company on the island.  All our coffee is pulped using only natural spring water from our estate, some 2000 feet above sea level, and is certified as 100% Jamaican by the government-owned Coffee Industry Board.”  It’s always nice to learn about the history of the coffee I’m drinking as it really adds to the experience!

Baronhall Estate Jamaica Gourmet Coffee is very strong.  For some reason, I found that both Baronhall and Jamaican High Mountain coffee are stronger than the usual kinds of coffee that I drink here in the US.  Maybe those coffee beans ground in Jamaica have more caffeine than usual!  The flavor of this coffee is strong, but not bitter, and it smells great.  Baronhall is a very powerful coffee that I recommend for all coffee lovers.


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  1. Pauline Stewart
    Pauline Stewart says:

    Hi Melanie, I too had this coffee for the first time almost a month ago at a hotel in Jamaica. What a beautiful taste!! The best ever!!! Do you know if its sold retail?

  2. Kimberlee Sharpe
    Kimberlee Sharpe says:

    Hi Melanie, my name is Kimberlee i work at Jamaica Standard Products Co., Limited and i would like to say on behalf of the company thanks for sharing your insightful and wonderful experience with two of our products for the world to see. You can visit our website at to see the many products we offer that you will enjoy using in the kitchen and even purchase if you so desire. You can also like us on Facebook at Jamaica Standard Products Co., Limited. We really appreciate your positive insight and will be sharing with our many fans and customers. Thank you!

  3. Heather Duncan
    Heather Duncan says:

    My husband & I were in Jamaica in August this year & also loved the coffee supplied in the room, we were staying at Lady Hamilton Grand Palladium, the coffee in rooms is usually bitter & undrinkable but this was lovely & fresh & I have to admit, a few of the bags found their way back to Scotland with us 😊 I have been trying in vain to get a hold of these little bags of coffee on line but have been unable to find them, they are just perfect for the coffee machine & very convenient if you are in a rush, are they available to get at all??


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