amy's organic soups costco package

Amy’s Organic Soups At Costco

amy's organic soups costco package

I normally don’t like canned soup – a typical canned soup has that “canned” taste to me.  However, one of my kids likes canned soup, so I bought this case of Amy’s Organic Soups at Costco.  The soup looked pretty good on the picture, so I figured I’ll put it in my pantry for those times we are looking for something quick and healthy to eat.

I ended up trying that Amy’s organic soup myself, and – surpise – no canned taste!  Amy’s organic soup tasted like a pure homemade soup, without any “off” flavors that are often found in canned soups.   There are two kinds of soup in the box – minestrone and lentil soup.  The Costco package has a total of 8 soup cans – 4 lentil and 4 minestrone. Amy’s organic minestrone tasted like a made-from-scratch minestrone, and Amy’s lentil soup also tasted like made-from-scratch lentil soup!

Having those two kinds of homemade tasting soups in the pantry, ready to be heated and eaten at any time –  what a find! Imagine how much work it would be to buy all the soup ingredients, chop them up and cook them… and with Amy’s Organic Soup I can have that soup whenever I like – without having to do any cooking!

The price of Amy’s Organic Soups in Costco is $11.79 for a pack of 8, which comes to $1.47 per can, which is cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else.  The cans are 14 ounces each, which is an extremely satisfying serving of soup!

For more details about Amy’s Organic Soups and the closeup photos of those soups in the bowls, see Amy’s Organic Low Fat Minestrone Soup and Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup.

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