Instant Pot Pie Dish

This post may contain affiliate links (disclosure). 

This post contains affiliate links (disclosure).

If you want to make pies in your Instant Pot in a classic pie dish, this 6-inch pie dish is exactly what you need!  It fits inside the Instant Pot perfectly! Click here to order it on Amazon >>

Instant Pot Pie Dish

You might already own an Instant Pot springform pan, but what if you want to make a cute little pie in that classic pie shape?  This Instant Pot pie dish is perfect!  It will make an adorable mini-pie right in your Instant Pot!

Pie Dish That Fits Inside Instant Pot

With this pie dish that fits inside the Instant Pot, you will make mini-pie, not a full-size pie (a diameter of regular pie dish is 9 inches, while this one is 6 inches).  Want to make 2 mini-pies at the same time in your Instant pot using 2 Instant Pot pie dishes at once?  Yes, you can!  All you need is a double rack for the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Steaming Rack 2 Shelves

See – this double rack creates a second shelf for your Instant Pot :)  So you can put one mini pie dish on the bottom shelf, and the second one on the top shelf! Double the space, double the food! What a great invention! Click here to order double rack for Instant Pot on Amazon >>

Recipes to make using Instant Pot pie dish

Instant Pot Graham Cracker Crust – classic graham cracker crust works perfectly in cakes and pies in the Instant Pot!

Instant Pot Pie Dish Graham Cracker Crust

Instant Pot Pumpkin Cheesecake – this is the best pumpkin cheesecake I ever tasted! The recipe for the pumpkin filling makes enough for 2 mini-pies, so if you are making just one, divide the filling ingredients in half.

Pumpkin Cheesecake In Instant Pot

Stay tuned for more Instant Pot cake and pie recipes as I’m constantly adding more recipes to this site!

More Instant Pot Baking Dishes

Currently I have 3 Instant Pot baking dishes in my collection:

1. This Instant Pot classic pie dish (click here to order).

Pyrex Pie Dish For Instant Pot

2. Instant Pot 7-inch metal springform pan (click here for my article with details and recipes).

7 inch springform pan inside the Instant Pot

3. Instant Pot Pyrex Dish – so versatile! (click here for my article with details and recipes)

Instant Pot Pyrex Bowl

Click here for all my Instant Pot recipes >>


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