fiber one 90 calorie brownie with a cup of coffee

Healthy Treat Of 90 Calorie Brownie With A Cup Of Coffee

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fiber one 90 calorie brownie with a cup of coffee

I recently posted about indulging in cake with coffee for breakfast.  Well, if I had cake for breakfast every day, I’d be 400 lbs by now :)  Most often I choose a healthy alternative to cake – one of my favorite healthy treats is the Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownie.

This 90 calorie brownie is very delicious.  It looks great and tastes so yummy!   Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownie is a pre-packaged brownie, and each brownie has just 90 calories and it also has 5 grams of fiber.  The best thing is that these 90 calorie brownies are actually healthy AND tasty at the same time!

Brownies go really well with coffee, and this 90 calorie brownie is no exception.  I brew a nice strong cup of coffee – starting with freshly ground coffee beans – read more about my secrets of good coffee.  If you want your treat to stay low calorie, sweeten your coffee with Splenda or Equal instead of sugar and add low fat milk instead of cream.  Next I take out the Fiber one brownie out of its wrapper and put it on a plate – good presentation really enhances the taste!

Enjoy sipping your hot coffee and biting the yummy brownie, and enjoy the fact that this treat won’t make you fat :)

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