packing bagel dogs in a lunch box

Kids Lunchbox Idea – Mini Bagel Dogs

packing bagel dogs in a lunch box

Here’s another lunchbox idea for those struggling with what to pack in kids lunchboxes: mini bagel dogs! Mini bagel dogs are the mini hot dogs baked inside the bagel dough, and they are sold in the frozen food department in the grocery store.

I always buy the bagel dogs at Costco in a large package and stash it in the freezer.  These bagel dogs are a great value and are really tasty!  To prepare bagel dogs, just put them in a microwave and microwave for a minute until hot.

To pack bagel dogs in a lunch box, first microwave them, then put in a ziploc plastic bag.  The bagel dogs will get cold by lunchtime, but they are still really tasty even when they are cold.  When my kids pack the bagel dogs for lunch, all the other kids are jealous 🙂

Here’s the picture of mini bagel dogs on a plate:

mini bagel dogs on a plate

If you are looking for more lunchbox ideas, please see my page on school lunch ideas.

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