how to store beer

How To Store Beer

how to store beer

Beer needs to be chilled before drinking – I never knew anyone who likes warm beer 🙂  Cold beer is so good, especially on a hot summer day!  If you’ve got a 6-pack of beer and want to store it so you can drink it later, how do you store this beer for the best taste?

You should store beer at a cold temperature, and this means putting beer in the refrigerator.  For best taste, beer should be stored in the refrigerator the whole time after you brought it home from the store until you drink it.  Many people think that it doesn’t matter where you store beer as long as you chill it in a refrigerator before serving.  Well, they are wrong – storing beer at room temperature does have negative effect on its taste.  So if you want to maximize the taste of your beer, do not store it in your pantry!

Another thing you need to know about how to store beer is the fact that you need to store it upright.  Do not ever lay the beer bottle on its side when storing beer!  Storing beer on its side makes the beer taste deteriorate.  The reason for this is that when the beer is stored upright, sediment sinks to the bottom of the bottle, and if the beer in on the side, it gets all over the beer.  Also, beer stored upright oxidizes less and stays fresh longer.

How do you store beer in the refrigerator if you are short on the refrigerator space?  Simple – just put those beer bottles all the way on the back of the refrigerator and line them up against the back wall – just like shown on the picture on top of this page.  This way, those beer bottles will take up very little space and won’t get in the way when you take other things out of the refrigerator.

Now you know how to store beer correctly 🙂 Enjoy your beer!

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