How To Open Stuck Jar Lids

I hate those tough lids that get stuck!  It makes me mad just thinking about them!  Nothing like having to stop making a recipe just because the stupid jar won’t open…

There were so many times when I couldn’t get one open, so I had to wait for my husband to get home, so he can try opening it :)

Recently I got a simple gadget that completely solved the “stuck lid” problem.  It’s called “JarPop”, and ever since I got it, I was able to open every single jar!  It works just as shown on the pic below:

jarpop opens stuck jar lids with ease

Pop – and the toughest lid gets UNSTUCK!  Everything genious is simple :) The best part is that JarPop is dirt-cheap – it costs around 2 bucks! Get the JarPop gadget and never struggle with the jar lids ever again!

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