highland pop popcorn and italian ice in highland park

Highland Pop Gourmet Popcorn And Italian Ice In Highland Park, Chicago Suburbs

highland pop popcorn and italian ice in highland park

I saw this cute little place called “Highland Pop” when we were going to Las Palmas restaurant in Highland Park.  Highland Pop in Highland Park – what a name 🙂  Highland Pop gourmet popcorn shop is located next door to Las Palmas.  In the summer, they also serve Italian ice!

I love Italian ice, so I figured I’ll stop by after my dinner at Las Palmas to get some Italian ice dessert at Highland Pop.  Highland Pop serves 6 different flavors on Italian Ice – lemon, raspberry, strawberry, mango, coconut and chocolate.  The staff in Highland Pop is very nice and offers you to sample their Italian ice flavors!  I’ll tell you – it’s a tough choice deciding which flavor to get because they are all so delicious!

I ended up getting lemon Italian ice – it’s the most classic Italian ice flavor that just hits the spot.  If you want something sweet and sour, cool and refreshing – lemon Italian ice is perfect!

Highland Pop has a very unique Italian ice.  I was expecting a more traditional Italian ice that tastes like frozen lemon slush.  Instead, I got something with such fine and smooth texture, it tastes more like a lemon ice cream!  It also reminded me of a good key lime pie.  Anyway, that Italian ice was awesome, I’ll definitely be back for more.  That lemony cold and smooth icy dessert was a perfect ending to my dinner.

Here’s the picture of the lemon flavor Italian ice from Highland Pop:

Italian ice lemon flavor at Highland Pop

Highland Pop Italian ice is labeled fat free and dairy free.  I’m really curious how they achieve such a fine smooth texture without the use of fat.  If I didn’t know it was Italian ice, for sure I would’ve thought it was a full fat ice cream.  It was so smooth and full of flavor and the lemon taste was intense!

Highland Pop also sells many flavors of gourmet popcorn.  They carry caramel popcorn, cheddar cheese popcorn, mix of caramel and cheddar, white cheddar jalapeno, s’mores popcorn, chocolate taffy apple popcorn and tutty fruity popcorn.  Their popcorn looks so good!  Next time I’m in Highland Park I’ll stop by Highland Pop and try their popcorn too… and of course, I’ll get another Italian ice 🙂

Highland Pop is located at 464 Central Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035, (847) 433-4200.  When you are in a mood for gourmet popcorn and Italian ice and you are around Chicago northern suburbs, pay Highland Pop a visit – you’ll love it!   And if you like Italian ice as much as I do and want to make it at home, check out my recipe how to make Italian ice.

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