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Don’t Like Tofu?

If you don’t like tofu, you are not alone.  Tofu is disliked by almost everybody I know, including yours truly 🙂 Are you a tofu-hater?  Do you absolutely not like tofu?  So do I!  I am a very adventurous eater, and I like virtually all kinds of food as long as they are prepared in […]

Simple Salad With Lettuce Leaves And Tomatoes

Can you say “Summer”? Can you say “Healthy”? Can you say “Crisp”? Can you say “Colorful”? Can you say “Bright”? Can you say “Refreshing”? This is what this simple salad with lettuce leaves and tomatoes is.  So simple, and so yummy! A salad doesn’t need to be fancy to taste great.  This super simple salad […]

Grilled Cheese Panini Sandwich Recipe

Hot melted yellow cheese oozing out of crispy warm sandwich with beautiful grill marks!  Imagine biting into this grilled cheese panini sandwich – crunch!  Taste the warm cheese! How fast do you think this crispy yum would disappear? Here are the reasons why a grilled cheese panini sandwich is a great sandwich recipe: 1) It requires just […]

3 Region Blend Coffee From Starbucks

I went to Starbucks to pick up some coffee beans and came across an attractive small package of coffee: Three Region Blend.  I like small packages – the coffee in large bags deteriorates before I get a chance to finish the bag, while the small packages have just enough coffee beans for me to go […]

Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Have you kids started school or preschool?  Do your kids need to take lunch to school in lunch boxes?  Are you running out of kids lunch box ideas? Do your kids complain about what you pack in their lunch boxes?  Do they bring back uneaten lunches, or, even worse, throw out their lunches and pretend […]

Perfect Mashed Potatoes Secrets

Mashed potatoes is a popular dish.  Mashed potatoes taste ranges from awful to great, depending on who makes it.  Have you tried making mashed potatoes, but had them turn out to be less than perfect? You can improve your mashed potatoes recipe significantly if you use these secrets to making perfect mashed potatoes.  Mashed potato secrets […]

How To Choose A Panini Press

Panini press is a cooking gadget worth having. Panini press transforms an ordinary boring sandwich into a warm, crispy and grilled creation that you can smell from far away! Imagine biting into a hot sandwich with beautiful grill marks that is oozing with hot yellow cheese! When you decide that you need a panini press […]