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Crockpot Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup

Easy Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup Crock-Pot 5-Ingredient Recipe

Mexican chicken tortilla soup is a very filling tomato-based soup with shredded chicken, corn and beans.  It's called tortilla…
How To Make Mongolian Beef

Authentic Mongolian Beef Copycat Recipe Like PF Chang’s

This copycat Mongolian Beef recipe is simply amazing!  Nobody will believe this Mongolian Beef is homemade - it tastes exactly…
Toasted Sugared Caramelized Slivered Almonds

Toasted Sugared Slivered Almonds Recipe

Toasted Sugared Slivered Almonds are amazing as a salad topping or a cake topping!  They are so crunchy and addictive -…
Baked Apricot Garlic Chicken Legs

Apricot-Jalapeno-Garlic Chicken Legs Recipe

These Apricot Garlic chicken legs are sweet, spicy, sticky and so finger-lickin' good!  Very easy to make, awesome mix…
Gingerbread Men Cookies - Super Easy Recipe That Doesn't Require Molasses!

Easy Gingerbread Cookies Recipe Without Molasses

Classic gingerbread cookies recipe requires an unusual ingredient: molasses.  If you don't have molasses on hand and don't…
how to make candied walnuts with brown sugar

Candied Walnuts Recipe With Brown Sugar

Candied walnuts are extremely addictive - you just can't stop eating them until the bowl is empty!  There are many ways…
Chicken And Potatoes Sheet Pan Dinner Recipe

Spiced Roasted Chicken Legs And Thighs With Potatoes

Roasted chicken with potatoes is one of the most popular and universally liked foods.  Almost everyone loves chicken with…