Pickled Watermelon

Pickled Watermelon Recipe

Here’s a new and different (and easy!) summer treat for you – Pickled Watermelon.  Not just the rinds, but the whole…
Russian Olive Soup Solyanka Recipe

Russian Olive Soup Recipe (Solyanka)

Have you ever heard of olive soup? Now you have! This authentic Russian olive soup called "Solyanka" is truly full of flavor,…
Eggplant Caviar Recipe

Russian Eggplant Caviar Recipe (Baklazhannaya Ikra)

This authentic Russian "eggplant caviar" recipe will get you addicted! Sweet, spicy and garlicky eggplant spread is mouthwatering! Look…

Russian Chebureki Recipe (Ground Beef Turnovers)

Chebureki is a popular Russian street food - piping hot juicy ground beef inside the fried dough - yum!  Just like hot cakes,…
Russian Pelmeni Dumplings recipe - made easy by using wonton wrappers!

Russian Pelmeni Dumplings Recipe Using Wonton Wrappers

I love Russian pelmeni dumplings with meat filling!  The first step to making authentic pelmeni is making the dough…
Russian Borscht Beet Soup Recipe

Russian Borscht Beet Soup Recipe

Russian Borscht Beet Soup is one of the most well known Russian recipes.  When people think of Russian food, borscht…
ezhiki russian meatballs recipe

Russian Meatballs With Rice "Ezhiki" Recipe

Ezhiki is an authentic Russian recipe of meatballs with rice.  They look fairly similar to Swedish meatballs because…
how to make salted salmon recipe

Russian Salted Salmon Recipe

This is an authentic Russian recipe for yummy salted salmon.  To make salted salmon, the raw salmon is cured in…
How To Make Sharlotka Russian Apple Cake

Russian Apple Cake "Sharlotka" Recipe

This Russian apple cake called "Sharlotka" is the easiest to make apple cake recipe ever.  All you need to make Sharlotka…
russian holodets recipe

Russian Holodets Meat Jelly Recipe

Russian Holodets is a cold meat jelly, traditionally made in Russia for the holiday table.  This Russian Holodets…