amy's organic lentil soup

Amy's Organic Lentil Soup

Amy's Organic Lentil Soup is a very tasty canned soup.  It is so hard to find a convenience food that's just as tasty…
ziyard mujadara rice and lentil pilaf

Ziyad Mujadara Rice And Lentil Pilaf

This packaged Rice & Lentil Pilaf of Ziyad brand is a great instant side dish!  The Middle Eastern name for this…
whole foods mediterranean crunch salad

Mediterranean Crunch Salad From Whole Foods

Mediterranean Crunch Salad is a prepared salad sold in a deli department of Whole Foods.  This salad is very tasty and…
weight watchers smart ones egg sausage cheese morning wrap package

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Egg, Sausage And Cheese Breakfast Wraps

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Egg, Sausage And Cheese Morning Wraps is a great convenient healthy breakfast option.  These…
einsten bros bagels honey almond cream cheese

Einstein Bros Bagels Honey Almond Shmear Reduced Fat Cream Cheese Spread

If you like flavored cream cheese on a bagel, you need to try the honey almond flavored cream cheese from Einstein Bros…
ikea chocolate bar

IKEA Chocolate - Choklad Mork - Dark Chocolate for 99 cents

I was at IKEA picking out comforters, and noticed the IKEA chocolate bars by the registers.  I'm a big fan of dark European…
whole foods stuffed chicken breast

Stuffed Chicken Breast From Whole Foods

In the meat department of Whole Foods, I saw several different kinds of stuffed chicken breasts for sale.  There was…
planters nut snack mix nuts on a plate

Planters Nuts Snacks Heart Healthy Mix

I really like nuts, and packaged nut snacks is a great way to take a nut snack with you and to control your portion. …
costco dehydrated dried hashbrowns package

Dehydrated Dried Hashbrowns From Costco

On a shopping trip to Costco I picked up a case of these dehydrated dried hashbrowns.  These hashbrowns come in small…
whole foods turkey breast

Roasted Turkey Breast From Whole Foods

Whole Foods sells excellent freshly roasted turkey breast.  Whole foods roast turkey is sold in their deli department,…