squeezing a lemon

How To Juice A Lemon Without A Juicer

If you ever tried using bottled lemon juice in a recipe instead of fresh lemon juice, you know that the bottled juice is really inferior in taste.  There is nothing like freshly squeezed lemon juice, and the bottled stuff just doesn’t cut it!

There is no reason to ever use bottled lemon juice after you learn how to juice a lemon the easy way!  You don’t need any special equipment like a juicer to get the juice out of a lemon.

With my simple method of juicing a lemon, you’ll get the maximum amount of juice out of a lemon by simply using your hands 🙂

Step By Step Instructions How To Juice A Lemon

Step 1:

Wash the lemon and put it on the cutting board.

how to juice a lemon - whole lemon

Step 2:

Cut the lemon in half as shown below

how to juice a lemon - cut the lemon in half

Step 3:

Cut each half into half as shown below.  Now you have lemon quarters 🙂

lemon cut into quarters

Step 4:

Cut each quarter in half again as shown below.  It is very important the you cut it lengthwise, otherwise the pieces will be too short to squeeze.

small pieces of lemon to squeeze out the juice

Step 5:

Now the final part – squeeze out the juice with your hand!  Please note that if you have any kind of cuts or cracks in the skin of your hand (even tiny ones), the lemon will irritate them, so in this case wear rubber gloves.

Grab each piece of lemon with your thumb and pointer finger and squeeze very hard until no more juice comes out.  Then reposition your fingers and try again – you can sometimes get even more juice out this way 🙂

See the picture below on the correct way to hold lemon pieces to extract the maximum amount of juice:

squeezing a lemon

The whole process of juicing a lemon this way only takes a couple of minutes, and you get freshly squeezed lemon juice!

Also see my step by step instructions how to zest a lemon, and check out these delicious recipes that use lemon juice: sweet lemon bars recipe, lemon bundt cake recipe and Italian lemon ice recipe.


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