costco dried apricots package

Dried Apricots From Costco

costco dried apricots package

Dried apricots are very tasty and make an excellent healthy snack.  Dried apricots are fat-free and are loaded with vitamins and nutrients!  I buy dried apricots at Costco – Costco dried apricots are very moist and tasty, they are really high quality, and the big bonus is that buying dried apricots at Costco saves a lot of money!

Costco dried apricots are Mariani brand, and they are sold in a 3 lb package.  The package is a resealable plastic bag, and as long as you reseal it every time, the apricots will stay soft and moist.  Dried apricots are stored in a pantry and they stay fresh for at least a month after opening.  They are so tasty that they won’t last long – you’ll go through the whole 3 lb bag in a week 🙂

The price of Mariani dried apricots at Costco is $7.69 for a 3 lb bag – in other stores you’ll pay that for just 1 lb!  Costco dried apricots are dirt cheap compared to regular grocery stores, and they are very high quality apricots!

If you are wondering – are dry apricots good for you – check out their nutritional information!  Dry apricots are very healthy, as they have no fat and they also have lots of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber!

Here’s the nutritional information for dried apricots: serving size 1/4 cup, 100 calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol, 15 mg sodium, 420 mg potassium, 24 g total carbohydrate, 2 g fiber, 13 g sugar, 1 g protein, 6% vitamin A, 2% calcium, 2% iron, 15% vitamin E, 4% niacin, 4% vitamin B6, 2% folate, 2% phosphorus, 4% magnesium, 2% zinc, 8% copper, 4% manganese.  Look at all the vitamins in these dried apricots!  Vitamin E is an antioxidant, and dried apricots are a great source of antioxidants with 15% of recommended daily value of vitamin E!

The only downside of dried apricots that they are pretty high in calories.  If you are watching your weight, make sure you don’t get carried away eating too much of dry apricots, as the calories can really add up!  Limit your portion to 1/2 cup of dried apricots a day, which is 200 calories – a reasonable amount for a satisfying snack.

Dried apricots go really well with walnuts – you can eat them together for a very filling snack.

Here’s the picture of Costco Mariani dried apricots on a plate.  Don’t you just want to put them in your mouth?

costco mariani dried apricots on a plate

Other great dried fruits that I buy in Costco are Costco dried mango, Costco craisins and Costco dried apples.

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