How To Eat Herring

This is the picture of a package of Salted Herring Fillet In Oil.  What is a herring? Herring is the name of the fish. …
bbq chicken legs on a plate

Baked Barbecued Chicken Legs Recipe - How To Make BBQ Chicken Legs

Making baked BBQ chicken legs at home is very easy.  To make baked barbecue chicken legs, you need 2 things: chicken…
a jar of marinated grilled roasted red peppers from costco

Marinated Grilled Sweet Red Peppers From Costco

Marinated roasted red peppers are a great thing to have in your pantry.  These yummy peppers make an instant appetizer…
whole mango

How To Peel And Cut A Mango

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inside Cafe Central restaurant in Highland Park, Chicago suburb

Cafe Central Restaurant Review (Highland Park IL, Chicago Suburbs)

Cafe Central restaurant is a French bistro located in Downtown Highland Park (north suburb of Chicago).  Cafe Central restaurant…
marinated roasted red peppers on a plate

Marinated Roasted Red Sweet Bell Peppers

Marinated roasted red bell peppers is a great item to have on hand.   I usually have at least 1 jar of marinated sweet…
a handful of dried cranberries and nuts

Dried Cranberries And Nuts For A Snack

When I'm hungry between meals, my favorite go-to snack is dried cranberries and nuts. Dried cranberries with nuts is…
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How To Store An Avocado Half

There might be many situations where you only need to use half of avocado at a time.  You might want to eat some avocado…
drained pasta shells in a colander

Step-By-Step Pictures How To Make Baked Pasta Shells Casserole

Here are the step-by-step illustrations on how to make baked pasta shells casserole.  You can find the exact ingredients…
Baked Pasta Shells Casserole Recipe With Ground Meat And Ricotta Cheese

Baked Pasta Shells Casserole Recipe With Ground Meat And Ricotta

This is very easy recipe for a baked pasta casserole.  For this casserole recipe, I like to use pasta shells.  You…