how to make chunky guacamole

Chunky Guacamole Avocado Dip Recipe With Tomatoes

I love avocados and guacamole!  I can eat the whole bowl of guacamole dip by myself :)  It's so fun dipping the…
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Chinese Orange Chicken Recipe

Orange chicken is one of the most popular Chinese recipes.  Many people order Chinese takeout just so they can eat some…
Copycat Egg McMuffin Recipe Like McDonald's

Homemade Egg McMuffin Recipe

If you like McDonald's Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich, did you know that you can make an Egg McMuffin yourself?  Homemade…
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Garlic Barbecue Oven Roasted BBQ Chicken Recipe

This garlic BBQ chicken recipe is a 3-ingredient recipe, and it's very easy and tasty.  The 3 ingredients are: (1) chicken…
Cranberry Spinach Pecan Salad

Spinach Salad With Candied Pecans, Dried Cranberries, Avocado, Feta and Oranges!

This is the best holiday salad ever, period.  Everyone begs me to bring it to the gatherings.  Candied pecans, dried cranberries,…
Candied Pecans Parchment Paper

Homemade Candied Nuts Recipe (Pecans, Walnuts or Almonds)

Homemade candied nuts are so addictive!  If you taste them, you just won't be able to stop eating them :)  You can eat…

Easy Cinnamon Rolls Bread Machine Recipe

Imagine the smell of the homemade cinnamon rolls!  Imagine the warmth you feel when you bite into the cinnamon roll…

Cinnamon Dolce Latte Recipe

Are you a fan of Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks?  Here's the recipe for a homemade version of cinnamon dolce latte. To…
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How To Make California Rolls Step By Step

Are you a big fan of California sushi rolls?  Do you love to eat the California rolls, but don't have the money…