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Sesame Honey Bars (Greek Pasteli)

These sesame honey bars are amazing! Sweetened only with honey and no refined sugar! This is an authentic Greek recipe for sesame-honey bars called Pasteli.  These things are mouthwatering and so addictive! Eat one bite and you will drool and reach for another, your mouth will be begging for more and more sesame honey goodness!  […]

Instant Pot Spicy Garlic Eggplant

This Instant Pot spicy garlic eggplant is so addictive!  Cooked to perfection in minutes, each bite is bursting with flavor! Looking for Instant Pot eggplant recipes? You’ve stumbled upon a perfect one 🙂  Chopped eggplant is seasoned with garlic, red pepper, paprika, Italian seasoning, olive oil and tomato sauce, which bring out such deep flavor!  […]

Best Ever Macaroni Salad Recipe

This easy and colorful macaroni salad looks and tastes amazing! This is the only macaroni salad recipe you’ll ever need! What summer BBQ would be complete without a macaroni salad?  This “best ever macaroni salad” is easy to make, and so delicious, you’ll be making it for every weekend cookout.  I get requests to bring […]

Best Ever Egg Salad Recipe

The only egg salad recipe you will ever need, this Best Ever Egg Salad is easy to make and tastes amazing! Almost everyone I know has fond memories of their Mother’s or Grandmother’s egg salad sandwiches, lovingly prepared, sometimes on homemade bread, plain or augmented by a simple leaf of lettuce.  And who doesn’t love […]