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Air Fryer Churros

For these Air Fryer Churros, all you need is puff pastry, butter, cinnamon, sugar, and an air fryer! Everyone will love these warm and crispy homemade churros. Churros Cooked In The Air Fryer Air fryer churros are like crispy, cinnamon-sugar hugs in every bite! Making them is a breeze. You start by slicing up some […]


Air Fryer Ground Turkey

Air Fryer Ground Turkey is delicious in so many recipes! You can add it to pastas, stir fry’s, or mix with taco seasoning. It’s so easy to make this tasty ground turkey. Ground Turkey In Air Fryer If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to fried ground turkey that doesn’t compromise on taste, then an […]


Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs In Air Fryer

This quick and easy lunch or dinner will be a huge hit with anyone who loves bacon and hot dogs! Top these Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs In The Air Fryer with any deli toppings you love. Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs What’s better than a hot dog? A bacon wrapped hot dog, of course! […]


Air Fryer Flounder Fish

Pull out the air fryer and cook up some delicious and tender flounder for dinner! This Air Fryer Flounder Fish is an easy recipe for fresh or frozen flounder. Add any seasonings you love on fish. Flounder In Air Fryer If you love flounder, this is the recipe for you! The air fryer makes it […]


Air Fryer Chicken Teriyaki

This Air Fryer Chicken Teriyaki is an easy dinner that’s full of flavor! Just cook in air fryer and top with teriyaki sauce for a healthy, delicious meal. Chicken Teriyaki In The Air Fryer We love this Chicken Teriyaki paired with all sorts of dishes. You can serve it with rice, stir fry veggies, homemade […]


Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes

Air Fryer Smashed Potatoes come out deliciously crispy and perfectly cooked inside. It’s an easy side dish that’s bursting with flavor. Smashed Potatoes In The Air Fryer We love using the air fryer to make golden brown, seasoned smashed potatoes. It’s such an easy recipe! The potatoes crisp up quickly after you “smash” them with […]


Air Fryer Pasta Chips

These crispy and cheesy Air Fryer Pasta Chips are a fun and tasty way to use leftover pasta! Made by tossing cooked pasta together with some olive oil, parmesan cheese, and seasonings, this unique finger food is sure to wow your friends and family! Air Fryer Pasta Chips Recipe Pasta lovers, rejoice! You know that […]