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Asian Spicy Sesame Cucumber Salad Recipe

This Asian spicy sesame cucumber salad is so crunchy and addictive! The dressing is simply mouthwatering! Once you taste one of these thin spicy marinated cucumber slices, you’ll automatically reach for more! When the spicy red pepper flakes and the crunchy sesame seeds hit your mouth, you’ll rejoice in unique flavor of this Asian cucumber […]

Russian Olive Soup Recipe (Solyanka)

Have you ever heard of olive soup? Now you have! This authentic Russian olive soup called “Solyanka” is truly full of flavor, hearty and delicious! The Russian name of this soup “Solyanka” comes from the word “Sol” which stands for “Salt”.  It’s basically a medley of all things salty and pickled! Solyanka is an authentic Russian/Ukrainian […]

Homemade Mexican Flour Tortillas Recipe

These homemade Mexican flour tortillas taste amazing!  Fresh, warm and delicious – you’ll want to eat the whole stack! Making them yourself is really easy too! Homemade flour tortillas taste so much better than store-bought! They taste so fresh, you just won’t believe the difference!  Can you imagine eating these yummy Mexican tortillas while they […]

Hanukkah Cutout Sugar Cookies Recipe

These delicious Hanukkah cookies will be the highlight of every Hanukkah party!  So buttery and tender, these colorful Hanukkah shapes cookies disappear in seconds! Who says cookie baking is just for Christmas? You can make amazing cookies for Hanukkah too simply by using the Hanukkah-related cookie shapes and colors! The colors of Hanukkah holiday are […]