Mango Jicama Slaw Trader Joe's Copycat Recipe
This mango jicama slaw tastes just like the one you'd get a Trader Joe's! Make a huge tub of it and much away! So much cheaper than store-bought!
Recipe type: Salad
Cuisine: American
  • 2 mangoes, peeled and cut into matchsticks
  • 1 jicama, peeled and cut into matchsticks
  • ½ small head of cabbage, shredded
  • ½ bunch cilantro, chopped
  • 3 limes, squeezed
  • ⅓ cup of honey or maple syrup
  1. Put mango, jicama, cabbage and cilantro in a large bowl.
  2. In a cup, mix the lime juice and honey with a fork until combined.
  3. Pour honey-lime dressing over the vegetables and toss until combined.
This mango jicama slaw will stay fresh in a refrigerator for up to 5 days.
Recipe by Melanie Cooks at