halloween candy

What To Do With Too Much Leftover Halloween Candy

halloween candy

Do you have too much Halloween Candy at your house? Are you finding that you and your kids can’t resist eating too many Halloween candies?  Here are the strategies that will allow you to gain control of the Halloween candies:

Make A Rule Of One Candy Per Day

This will work if your kids are small and you normally don’t have “all you can eat” candy rules at your house.  Just put all the candy in a container on the top shelf, and designate a particular time of the day when everyone is allowed to take one candy.  In my house, the candy time is in the morning – the kids get their gummy vitamin and they also get to pick 1 candy each out of the plastic pumpkin.  Nobody argues because it’s a routine – only 1 candy, and only in the morning.  If you can create and follow this rule, the abundance of candies is not even a problem.

Donate Halloween Candy

Do a Google search for Halloween candy donation in your city.  Many cities have programs to donate unopened Halloween candies.  You will support a good cause and get rid of your unwanted candies!

Sell Halloween Candy

If you can’t convince your kids to give away their Halloween candy, they might get enticed with getting money for their candy 🙂  Many local dentists run “buy Halloween candies” programs.  Again, search Google for “buy Halloween candy” or “sell Halloween candy” in your city.  Save your waistline and your teeth and get paid for it!

Bake With Halloween Candy

You can use up a lot of Halloween candy at once by baking with it.  Just melt the chocolate candies and use them instead of chocolate in chocolate cake and brownies recipes.  Of chop the chocolate candies in the food processor and use in place of chocolate chips.  You can also grate the candies in the food processor and use them as a sprinkle on top of cakes and cookies.  Another idea is to melt the chocolate candies and use it as a fondue!

Here’s a great recipe for using up your chocolate Halloween candy: Best Chocolate Truffle Cake Recipe.

Here’s the picture of that Chocolate Truffle Cake:

chocolate truffle cake


This cake uses a LOT of chocolate, and it’s very very good!

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  1. Sook
    Sook says:

    I’ve hidden my three-year-old’s bucket. He had a meltdown then threw up because he ate too much candy in one day… I haven’t let him eat any more candy the last two days. He seems to be doing a little better…. ha ha A great post, by the way!

  2. Nami | Just One Cookbook
    Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    We just donated the candies this morning at school (school force). I’m so thankful for that…otherwise it’ll be way too much (and I don’t bake…). Kids got some of their favorite and we keep 1 per day. I should also tell them they can eat in the “morning” (maybe after lunch at home). =) Thanks for the great tips!


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