Tzatziki Yogurt Sauce And Dip From Costco

tzatziki cucumber yogurt sauce from costco

When I was shopping at Costco, they were giving out samples of the Tzatziki yogurt sauce.  Since I really like Tzatziki, I decided to try the sample… and it was really good!  This Tzatziki yogurt sauce tasted as good as the Tzatziki sauce in a restaurant.

I’m always skeptical of the packaged stuff, but this sauce didn’t have any “packaged” taste – it tasted fresh and authentic.  So I asked the lady who was giving out those Tzatziki samples what isle can I find it.  She pointed to the Kosher isle with the refrigerator, and there in the refrigerator were the jars of Tzatziki yogurt sauce and dip.  I went to that isle and place the Tzatziki sauce in my shopping cart!

This Costco Tzatziki sauce is “Hannah” brand and is labeled Tzatziki Yogurt Dip Greek Style.  It’s a tangy yogurt with pieces of cucumber and a hint of lemon juice and garlic.

If not for the samples, there’d be a zero percent chance of me buying that Tzatziki sauce :) And I’m so happy that I bought it.  I served this Tzatziki sauce with the kefta ground beef kabob and dill rice.  It tasted so good!  What a find!

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