how to make a gingerbread house from milk carton

How To Make A Gingerbread House

how to make a gingerbread house from milk carton

Making a gingerbread house is a very fun activity for kids.  The kids love making a gingerbread house, and they love eating it even more 🙂

To make this gingerbread house, you’ll need the following supplies: paper milk carton, graham crackers, jarred white frosting, pretzel sticks, marshmallows and different kind of small colorful candy (like M&M and gummy bears).

Don’t use homemade frosting for making a gingerbread house – unlike homemade frosting, jarred frosting doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so your gingerbread house can be stored safely on the counter!  Also, jarred frosting is especially sticky, and this will ensure that your gingerbread house doesn’t fall apart.

It is very easy to make a gingerbread house at home.  The shape of the house is created with the small empty paper milk carton (shaped like the picture below):

milk carton for gingerbread house

Gingerbread House Recipe

Gingerbread House Ingredients

  • Empty small paper milk carton
  • Jarred white frosting
  • Graham crackers
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Marshmallows
  • Small colored candy (M&Ms, Skittles, Jelly Beans, Gummy Bears)

Instructions How To Make Gingerbread House

  • Put the milk carton on a plate.
  • Spread the milk carton with the white frosting all over (use the knife to take the frosting of a jar and spread on the milk carton, and you can also use your hands to smooth is all over). The whole milk carton should be covered with sticky frosting.
  • Measure the sides of the milk carton and break off the graham crackers so they are the same length. Stick the graham crackers to the sides of the house.
  • Now measure the triangle “roof” part of the milk container and break off the graham crackers so they are the correct length. Stick them on top to make the roof.
  • For the front triangle sides of the roof, just bite off the pieces of the graham cracker to make them triangle shape, then stick them on the house. Now the whole milk carton should be covered with graham crackers.
  • Now spread another layer of white frosting on top of the graham crackers.
  • Stick the pretzel sticks on the roof (see the picture on top of this page for an idea of how it should look).
  • Cover the rest of the gingerbread house with the marshmallows and colored candy – the sticky frosting will make the candy stick to the house. Be creative 🙂

Now you have made this beautiful gingerbread house, go ahead and have fun eating it all up!

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