gino's east restaurant lake geneva

Gino’s East Restaurant At Lake Geneva WI

gino's east restaurant lake geneva

Gino’s East is a restaurant chain specializing in Chicago-style pizza.  There is a Gino’s East location in Lake Geneva, WI, and this restaurant is perfectly located right on the lake.

Gino’s East restaurant in Lake Geneva is located on the second floor, on top of the Harbor Shores hotel.  The views there are incredible!  Gino’s East has yummy food, and the views cannot be beat – and that makes it a great place to eat when visiting Lake Geneva.

Here’s the lake at Lake Geneva right outside the restaurant:

lake geneva view

Gino’s East at Lake Geneva has full-length windows all around the restaurant.  Three quarters of the view is the lake, and the remaining quarter is the charming Lake Geneva architecture.  Here’s the picture of the lake views from inside the restaurant:

Gino's East views

And here’s the photo of the Lake Geneva historic town view:

gino's east town city view Lake Geneva

Gino’s East is very kid friendly.  Kids usually love pizza, and in addition to pizza it has other tasty things on the kids menu.  For $4.99, kids get a choice of kids pizza, spaghetti marinara with meatball, butterred spaghetti or chicken fingers with fries.  Here’s a picture of Gino’s East kids menu:

Gino's East kids menu

And here’s the picture of kids cheese pizza.  It’s actually pretty big, it’s enough to feed an adult!  On the photo there is only 3/4 of the pizza, because some of it got eaten by the time I took out my camera 🙂

gino's east kids menu cheese pizza

Here’s the picture of the spaghetti and meatball from Gino’s East kids menu:

gino's east spaghetti and meatballs

Here’s a picture of Italian Wedding Soup from Gino’s East.  This soup is so delicious – really filling and full of flavor with delicious herbs and slices!

italian wedding soup photo

Here’s Gino’s East chopped salad – really good!

gino's east chopped salad

And here’s the chicken pomodoro sandwich – chicken breast, tomato and mozarella cheese on freshly baked Italian bread:

gino's east sandwich

Gino’s East has lots of menu options – deep dish pizza, thin crust pizza, salad, sandwiches, meat, fish and pasta.  There is something there for everyone, and the prices are very reasonable.  Great food, big portions, good prices, combined with the incredible views – all of it makes Gino’s East restaurant at Lake Geneva a great restaurant to visit.  When you eat there and look out of the window, you can really feel you are on vacation!

Gino’s East restaurant of Lake Geneva is located at 300 Wrigley Drive, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, phone number 262-248-2525.

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