dinner of turkey breast with small potatoes and peppers

Dinner Of Turkey Breast With Small Potatoes And Sweet Bell Peppers

dinner of turkey breast with small potatoes and peppers

This easy and tasty dinner has the main dish of roasted turkey breast, roasted small potatoes and the sweet bell peppers with onions.  The turkey breast is store-bought at Whole Foods, so you don’t need to cook it – all you need to do to put this easy dinner together is to make the side dishes!  Serve the turkey with the jarred cranberry sauce – I like the whole berry kind 🙂

Roasted Turkey Breast From Whole Foods

whole foods turkey breast

Whole Foods sells excellent roasted turkey breast that they freshly roast at the store.  This sliced roasted turkey breast is excellent!  Just stop by the deli department of Whole Foods to get this excellent turkey, and ask for it to be sliced in thick slices for dinner.  See more about Whole Foods deli turkey breast.

Oven Roasted Small Potatoes

how to make roasted small potatoes

Small potatoes are really tasty when roasted in the oven!  If they are absolutely tiny, you can roast them whole, and if they are a little bigger, cut them in half.   You don’t need to peel the small potatoes – just toss them with a little oil and roast in the oven.  Please see my oven roasted small potatoes recipe.

Sweet Peppers And Onions

how to make bell peppers and onion

Sweet bell peppers cooked with onions make such a tasty vegetable dish!  Peppers and onions are first pan-fried, then cooked with tomatoes and seasoned with sugar, pepper and vinegar.  Please see my recipe for bell peppers and onions.

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