salmon fishcakes, baked sweet potato, cocktail sauce and salad

Dinner Of Salmon Fishcakes And Baked Sweet Potato

For this tasty and healthy dinner, I am serving salmon fishcakes as a main dish, oven baked sweet potato as a side dish,…
dinner salmon avocado wraps, sweet potato fries and seaweed salad

Dinner Of Salmon Avocado Wraps, Sweet Potato Fries And Seaweed Salad

This super easy dinner has salmon avocado wraps as a main dish, sweet potato fries as a side dish and a seaweed salad! …
ocean perch quinoa mango salsa dinner

Dinner Of Ocean Perch With Quinoa And Mango Salsa

This fish dinner is so tasty and easy to make!  Pan-fried ocean perch fillets are served with a side of quinoa and homemade…
How To Make Chicken Quesadillas

Dinner Of Chicken Quesadillas And Grand Parisian Salad

This yummy dinner is made in just 10 minutes from start to finish!  For the chicken quesadillas, I'm using leftover…
dinner of salmon teryaki rice pilaf green salad

Dinner Of Salmon Teryaki, Rice Pilaf And Green Salad

This healthy and tasty dinner is very easy to put together.  I'm using my quick recipe for homemade salmon teryaki,…
stuffed meatloaf with egg, green beans and couscous

Dinner Of Stuffed Meatloaf With Egg, Green Beans And Couscous

This tasty dinner has stuffed meatloaf with egg as a main dish, Middle Eastern couscous as a side dish and green beans…
filet mignon dinner

Dinner Of Filet Mignon Steak With Peppers And Roasted Potatoes

This delicious filet mignon steak dinner would cost at least $30 in a restaurant!  A good thing is that you can make…
chicken shish kabobs dinner

BBQ Menu - Chicken Shish Kabobs, Grilled Onions, Corn & Potato Salad

Here's a yummy BBQ menu - grilled chicken shish kabobs, grilled onions, corn on a cob, potato salad and sliced tomatoes…
chicken salad sandwich with mango salsa and sweet potato fries

Dinner Of Chicken Salad Sandwich With Mango Salsa And Sweet Potato Fries

This tasty and easy dinner has a chicken salad sandwich, sweet potato fries and homemade mango salsa.  It's so easy…
stuffed chicken breast with sweet potato and mango salsa

Dinner Of Stuffed Chicken Breast With Sweet Potato And Mango Salsa

This dinner is really easy because the stuffed chicken breast is already prepared by Whole Foods - they stuff it, and…