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Bait Cafe Restaurant Review – Buffalo Grove, Chicago Suburbs

bait cafe restaurant buffalo grove il

Bait Cafe is a Mediterranean Russian restaurant located in Buffalo Grove IL (Northwest Suburb of Chicago).   If you are wondering what is “Mediterranean Russian”, it’s the food from the Southern region of Russia.  Since Russia is really big, it has lots of different types of cuisines, depending on what part of the country you are in.   Bait Cafe has lots of traditional Middle Eastern food favorites such as shish kabob, chicken kabob, humus, baba ganoush and felafel, along with the traditional Russian dishes such as meat dumplings (pelmeni).

Bait Cafe is a great place to get lots of yummy food at a really cheap price – for example, the chicken kabob is $9!  The portions are good and the food is tasty – Bait cafe is a true bargain.

Here’s the picture of the Bait Cafe restaurant interior:

bait cafe review - inside the restaurant

The dinner starts with a complementary appetizer of hummus.  With those $9 dinner entrees, you get free hummus and pita!  The hummus was great – garlicky and addictive!

Here’s the picture of the hummus appetizer:

bait cafe buffalo grove hummus

And here’s the basket with sliced pita bread for dipping into the hummus:

bait cafe pita bread

Here’s the Eggplant Salad appetizer – delicious garlicky eggplant sauteed with vegetables and spices:

spicy eggplant appetizer

Here’s the hot green tea – served in the Russian-style glass mug:

hot green tea

Also, they have excellent Turkish coffee!

Here’s the picture of the chicken kabob from Bait cafe.  The chicken kabob was perfect – tender, juicy and had that deep grilled taste!

bait cafe grilled chicken kabob

Here’s the plate with meat dumplings:


For dessert, Bait Cafe has baklava, strudel and Russian Napoleon cake – all super delicious!  Bait Cafe is located 706 S Buffalo Grove Rd  Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, their phone # 847-220-1434.

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